Creators of beauty formulas

Their expertise, inherited from the traditional French pharmacy, is based on solving individual beauty issues, having a perfect knowledge of their active ingredients’ properties, and being precise with their dosage.

From this subtle alliance of knowledge and understanding flows forth a range of high-performance serums. Their compositions best adapted to the skin’s requirements.

The CODAGE ritual


The skin needs to be cleaned twice-daily, morning and night. Free from excess sebum and other impurities, it is more responsive to the ensuing treatment.


Beauty results from nourishing the skin at the deepest level . In orfer to do this, CODAGE formulates serums, whose light textures rapidly penetrate the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis.

A few drops of these extremely concentrated formulas bring optinal nourishment to the skin, in the same way a food supplemet would.


Nourished and fortified by your CODAGE serum, the skin is now primed for your day or night cream. Thus protected from external aggression, the top layer of the epidermis retains an optimal level of hydration.